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 Telefon Sprechstunde

For appointments and information you can reach me at

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m


079 45 72 556

or via




Basic insurance

As a specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP, I work since July 1, 2022 afterArrangement model.

Your advantage is that the costs of psychotherapy are covered by your basic insurance.

A doctor's prescription is required!

IV and accident insurance

If your treatment is paid for by the IV, it currently costs CHF 142 per therapy hour.

Benefits in absence

Zusätzliche Leistungen in Abwesenheit wie z.B. Auswertung von Fragebögen, Verfassen von Berichten, Telefonate/Mails oder Besprechungen mit Drittpersonen in Ihrem Auftrag werden nach dem jeweiligen Zeitaufwand zu Lasten Ihrer Grundversicherung verrechnet.


If you are a self-payer, I will bill you monthly for the services provided. A session usually lasts 60 minutes.

For aInitial consultation You will be charged a rate of CHF 190 for 60 minutes. You will be charged CHF 280 for an initial consultation lasting 90 - 100 minutes.

If you are a self-payer 

My current fee rate: 

You can cancel an appointment at any time up to 24 hours in advance.


If appointments are not canceled or canceled too late, I will charge the usual fee for the session.

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