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Do you need supervision or personal experience as part of your psychotherapy training for the FSP specialist title?

Dr. Rainer Wilkening


tasks and goals

As part of the psychotherapy training for the FSP specialist title, I offer psychologistsSelf-awareness on an individual basis at.

Self-awareness is part of therapy trainingjob-related and serves the goal of recognizing, reflecting, processing and then anticipating personal influences on therapy.


It should help:


Negative influencing factors such as personal weaknesses, fears, problems,«blind spots» etc. to be registered and checked or dealt with adequately.


Positive aspects such as recognizing, strengthening and making better use of personal strengths, competencies and resources.

Philosophy and role

My behavioral therapy SE is based on the philosophy ofself-management approach after Frederick H. Kanfer.


I see myself as a catalyst or source of inspiration.


I draw attention to personal aspects such as strengths and weaknesses, help to establish a connection to the therapeutic activity and stimulate the process of self-awareness and self-reflection.


tasks and goals

As part of the psychotherapy training for the FSP specialist title, I offer psychologistsSupervision on an individual basis at.


Taking into account the guidelines of the respective further training institutes as well as the individual development wishes, I support my supervisees in planning and implementing therapies on a behavioral therapy basis.


I support you in clarifying the questions that arise at the beginning, during or at the end of therapy and in developing attitudes and concrete approaches.


Supervision is intended to help:


Strengthening and expanding professional skills and options for action


Time and space to reflect on your own actions and experiences in a professional context


Clarifying your own roles and tasks as well as promoting cooperation within the team and in interdisciplinary work


The primary goal of VT supervision is to support supervisees in developing their independent and self-responsible therapist personality.

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