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 Food for thought 

«Choose to be optimistic. It feels better »

Dalai Lama

Do you have anything that stressful?


The feeling of complete despair, of powerlessness, the feeling of doing everything wrong?


The mood is at zero, you don't know what to do anymore?


Do you have thoughts of harming yourself?

Such feelings and thoughts are experienced by people who find themselves in psychological emergency situations.


In such situations, professional emergency help to calm the crisis makes sense and is often urgently needed.

Help with crisis management

This offer is aimed at people in psychological crises and emergency situations who need quick advice and professional help.

Illustration lifebuoy isolated on white

Do you need quick help?

What can you expect from emergency crisis management assistance?


Calm difficult situations


Kurzfristige «Lösungen auf Zeit» erarbeiten, bis andere Hilfen greifen


Provide psychiatric and medical help if necessary


Provide or arrange psychotherapeutic help to deal with the crisis in the long term


Termine innerhalb von 48 h möglich!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht!

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