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The diagnosis of ADHD is carried out according to current scientific standards and is carried out by me upon request.

Dr. Rainer Wilkening

 Do you have ADHD? 

 Uncomplicated help

 ADHD - even in adulthood! 

Typical characteristics of ADHD

ADHD behavioral therapy for adolescents

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD) is primaryneurological disorder, at the biological,psychological andsocial influences interact.

ADHD is described as areduced ability to self-control.

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 ADHD - What does that mean? 

Three key features:


Disturbance of attention and concentration performance.


Marked physical restlessness and strong urge to move - hyperactivity.


Impulsive and rash actions.

How is the diagnosis confirmed?

The diagnosis of “ADHD” is made based on theIinternationalClassification ofDiseases [ICD-10] asked:

Even though people with ADHD often have “trouble spots,” they are also:

Interessante, einfallsreiche, kreative und häufig charismatische Personen mit hoher Sensibilität für zwischenmenschliches Geschehen.


What you should know about ADHD

No stamina? Lack of concentration? Always distracted? Jumpy? A hundred irons in the fire, a hundred balls in the air - and nothing ever gets done!


Do you know this from yourself, your partner, your colleague or your child?

The diagnosis of “ADHD” is made based on theIinternationalClassification ofDiseases [ICD-10] asked:


Onset of the disorder before the age of seven.


Symptoms persist for more than 6 months.


The symptoms occur in almost all situations - they areindependent of the situation.


Significant impairment of social, academic or professional functioning.

Because ADHD is due to theDisorganization raises new problems in everyday life, those affected often have additional mental illnesses such asdepressions orfears and theSelf-assurance is often considerably unstable.

Wie wird ADHS behandelt?

Once ADHD has been diagnosed, treatment takes place on multiple, interconnected levels.This is written by me in onemultimodal treatment concept implemented:


training regarding ADHD and involvement of relatives.


Structuring everyday life against disorganization and learning impulse control


Behavioral analysis regarding problem areas typical of ADHD


Sports to reduce chronic and acute stress


Medicationin combination with behavioral therapy


Parent training- if necessary

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