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Dr. Rainer Wilkening

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First decision

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First of all, I would like to know why you are coming to therapy, why you are coming to me now or specifically.

In terms of content, we will begin by exploring your most important complaints and problems and - with an eye on themInitial phase therapy - look for favorable starting points.

First decisions

This may be the first time you have spoken to an outside person about very personal and emotionally stressful things.

Since you don't yet know exactly "what" and "who" you are facing, it is completely normal if you feel uneasy before or during the initial consultation. After all, you are in the process of making a decision to get better at dealing with yourself and the world again.

It is important that a trusting relationship can first develop between us, because good cooperation is the most important basis for any therapy.

Four goals are clarified:


Exploring key complaints


Konkret können Sie damit rechnen, dass wir beginnen die wichtigsten Beschwerden und Probleme „einzukreisen“, die in der Therapie bearbeitet werden sollen.

Dabei werden auch Ihre Wünsche, Ziele und Erwartungen an die Therapie von grosser Bedeutung sein. Es soll ja anders und vor allem besser werden als bisher.

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