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 Do you have a sleep disorder? 

The clarification of a sleep disorder is carried out according to current scientific standards and is carried out by me upon request.


Uncomplicated immediate assistance

 What you should know about sleep! 

What is sleep?

slept for about 22 years

Did you know?

A person who lives to be around 80 years old has:


Sitting in front of the TV for 6.5 years

Sitting on the toilet for 96 days

Practiced sex for 6 months

3 months spent brushing teeth, caressing and kissing.

etwa 22 Jahre geschlafen


Spent 6 years doing household work

Woman sleeping

Sleep is an indispensable and mysterious matter. Although humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping, sleep has received comparatively little scientific research.

Sleep is oneseismograph for the overall mental and physical condition of people.

If you don't sleep well and enough at night, you're putting your health at risk in the long run:depressions,Anxiety disorders and reduced performance can be the consequences.

Sleep stages - this is how sleeping works

Healthy sleep is an active, rhythmically recurring process that promotes physical and mental recovery. It is made up of 2 clearly distinguishable states:


Non-REM sleep (stages 1 - 3)


REM sleep (dream sleep)

Sleep goes in cycles. A sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes and consists of REM and non-REM stages 1 - 3.

We experience four to six such sleep cycles every night.


In the first half of the night, the deep sleep phases predominate, in the second half of the night the REM phases, in which there is a lot of dreaming.

During one night, a person goes through four to five cycles of fixed sleep stages. Starting with thatLight sleep (Stages 1 and 2) this leads toDeep sleep (Stage 3) and then toREM sleep, in which there is a lot of dreaming.

When sleep becomes a problem

From oneSleep disorder This is when someone has problems falling asleep or staying asleep at least three times a week for a month. The spectrum of causes is large, so comprehensive diagnostics are necessary.

 Cognitive behavioral therapy 

Treatment methods

People with sleep disorders are often in oneVicious circle caught:

A sleep disorder often begins with a stressful situation or a life crisis: someone is thinking about financing their home or is stressed at work. 

It is completely normal for those affected in such situations not to sleep well for a while; This usually goes away after a month at the latest.

For someindependent but the sleep disorder improves.

young beautiful hispanic woman at home b

Nach einer Weile grübeln sie nachts nicht mehr über ihr Problem, sondern darüber, dass sie nicht schlafen, wodurch ein Teufelskreis entsteht. Die Grübelei macht noch unruhiger:

„Wenn Sie willentlich versuchen einzuschlafen, passiert das genaue Gegenteil, Sie werden immer wacher.“

Behavioral therapy helps to break out of this. The most effective techniques include:


Stimulus control


Sleep restriction


Sleep hygiene rules


Relaxation techniques

The techniques at a glance!

Stimulus control

Bedrooms are terrible places for bad sleepers. Most of the time they lie there awake and ponder to themselves.

With stimulus control, those affected learn that the bed and bedroom become pleasant places again. 

Information and therapy documents


Sleep disorders at a glance!

Four groups of sleep disorders 

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Videos about sleep

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