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Dr. Rainer Wilkening

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Do you need psychotherapy? 

There is no objective “measurement bar” that can be used to determine the need for treatment.


However, many signs can be used to help you make a decision.

How long does psychotherapy last?

Cognitive therapy is usually a short-term therapy.

10 to 25 sessions are the norm

A “breakthrough” is often enough to help you recognize central negative thought and behavior patterns and break the vicious circle in order to become active again and gain ground under your feet again.


What happens in your psychotherapy? 

Right from the start, you will be welcomed into a trusting and respectful atmosphere and will receive systematic support in such a way that you can find and implement new solutions to your problems.


The starting point is initially a well-founded diagnosis that helps us to understand your psychological suffering as concrete and changeable problems.


Based on the diagnostic information, specific ones are then madeTherapy goals agreed and a therapy plan will be drawn up together with you.


Together we determine what should be changed and how, and the exact therapeutic approach (e.g. exercises, methods, etc.) is determined. discussed.


Since our thoughts cause our feelings, therapy will address your problematic thought patterns and attitudes, e.g. B. toFear, ordepression can lead, addressed specifically.

Once we have worked on and corrected your dysfunctional thought patterns, then it's about applying and practicing your new thinking in everyday life.


You will be given tasks and exercises to complete between sessions. Progress is checked again and again and the procedure is adjusted if necessary.


Thats my job!

 Detailed information about therapy 

 Treatment documents 

Therapy progress


What's special?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most modern and effective psychotherapeutic procedures.

The focus of therapy is our cognitions. Cognitions include our thoughts, evaluations, attitudes and beliefs.

Cognitive behavioral therapy assumes that our...Think has a major influence on how we feel, behave and react physically:





Behavioral therapy



The connection between thinking, feeling and behavior was already known in ancient times:

«It's not the things themselves that worry us, but the way they happenHow how we think about things»

Epictetus, around 50 - 138 AD

This truth has not changed to this day!

Understanding of treatment

Modern behavioral therapy is based on the humanistic ideal of the autonomous, self-responsible and responsible person.

Her goal is to reach people “Experts about yourself”to empower. Every person is faced with the lifelong task of shaping their individual self-realization in a socially responsible manner.

What problems are being addressed?

As a psychotherapist, I support you as part of a professional collaboration in dealing with the following problems:

How much does psychotherapy cost?

A meeting usually takes 50 - 60 minutes.The current fee rate is: 


CHF 190.- pro Sitzung

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