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 Uncomplicated immediate help 

Videos about PS

The Narcissism trap

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Recognize borderline PS

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Knowledge about narcissism PS

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 What you should know about your personality! 

Which personality type are you?

Persönlichkeitstests machen Facetten Ihrer Persönlichkeit sichtbar und besprechbar.


Sie werden von mir überall dort eingsetzt, wo Merkmale der Persönlichkeit für ein Untersuchungsziel oder eine diagnostische Entscheidungsfindung einzubeziehen sind.


Nutzen Sie den gezielten Einsatz von wissenschaftlich gesicherten Online-Tests, um systematisierte Erkenntnisse über die Kompetenzen Ihrer Persönlichkeit zu erhalten.


Ein breites Spektrum an Online-Tests steht Ihnen je nach Fragestellung und Anforderung zur Verfügung.

You will receive the activation link or access to the online test via email. 


What are personality disorders (PD)?

A personality disorder P.S represents an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates noticeably from the expectations of the socio-cultural environment and which:


is profound and inflexible,


begins in adolescence,


is stable over time and


leads to suffering or impairment

In addition to the subjective suffering for those affected, this often results in recurring difficulties in close relationships as well as serious problems in the social and professional environment.

The horsepower at a glance!

Narzisstische PS

A profound pattern of grandiosity in imagination or behavior, need for admiration, and lack of empathy.


It begins in early adulthood and the pattern emerges in various situations.


Was ist Persönlichkeit?

A person's personality is the sum of all of his psychological characteristics and behavioral patterns that make himindividual, intrinsic identity to lend.

Personality includes emotional life as well as perception, thinking and relationships with other people.

bipolar disorder personality. Asian woma

Treatment documents


PS psychotherapy

For a long time, people with PS were considered “difficult” to treat by experts.


There are now tailor-made treatment concepts for individual PS that take the respective circumstances into account and are very effective.


People with an unusual personality usually do not come because of the PS, but because of other disorders such as: B. oneanxiety disorder, oneeating disorder or onedepression in psychotherapeutic treatment.


What is crucial for the course of therapy is whether there are other mental illnesses at the start of treatment and whether these should be treated as a priority.

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