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Davos city center, Switzerland, a popula


Competent help with...

The treatment options are constantly being expanded and are currently being revised.

Behandlungsgebote für Erwachsene & Jugendliche


The treatment offers are aimed at young people and adults with mental health problems.


They are intended to help improve psychosocial care in the Graubünden region and especially in Davos.

The Practice owner is a diversely trained psychologist and psychotherapist with a focus on “behavioral therapy”, a very effective and holistic form of modern psychotherapy.


Dafür übernehme ich Verantwortung


Setting: A trusting, calm and respectful atmosphere in which you can express and discuss everything that is bothering you or what has happened.


Information, education and participation:You will receive information about all important aspects of the therapy, e.g. B. about why and how changes are planned and implemented. You will experience that your opinions and views are asked for and taken into account.


Support in problem solving and change: As a change assistant, I help formulate realistic life and therapy goals, find new paths and remove obstacles that currently stand in the way.


Expertise: I take responsibility for the process and the technically correct steps at the right time.In order to ensure the quality of my work in the long term, I am committed to ongoing training and supervision of my own work.

Zusammenarbeit im Netzwerk

As a psychological psychotherapist, I attach great importance to working with established doctors:


Organic causes for the symptoms are examined and ruled out and the usefulness or supplementation of medication is clarified.

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