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Davosersee Interconti Berge See Grün Bla

Photo:Destination Davos Klosters/Marcel Giger 

The costs for psychotherapy will be borne by you Basic insurance covered. 


You've come to the right place if you:

psychotherapy need for mental health problems

Online therapy or  Online advice for mental health problems

Online tests want to use for clarification, whether you may be suffering from mental health problems

Quick helpneed because you are in an acute crisis or emergency situation that requires quick action 

Dr. Rainer Wilkening

Specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP

Supervisor PSP

Self-awareness therapist PSP

Hertistrasse 5, 7270 Davos Platz


Professional help with:

«Choose to be optimistic. It feels better »

Dalai Lama

Für mehr Mut und Selbstvertrauen

Davosersee Interconti Berge See Grün Bla


Lectures, workshops, seminars etc.

Would you like to book further training, a seminar or a workshop on a wide range of psychology topics for your institution, facility or organization? 



With coaching, your personal and professional skills and abilities, as well as your particular strengths and weaknesses  comprehensively illuminated.

My services range from personality and suitability diagnostics, potential and competency analyzes to long-term planningCareer.


Supervision and self-awareness

As part of the psychotherapy training for the FSP specialist title, I offer supervision and self-awareness to psychologists on an individual basis.

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